Vision Team Member Job Description

The Vision Team is a volunteer steering committee that supports people who are turning dreams into reality in the Siuslaw region.

Thanks for your interest in joining the Vision Team. We aren’t actively recruiting right now, but please fill out our Interest Form and we’ll be in touch soon about how you can get involved.


 Building a better Siuslaw community together.

Purpose of Position

The Vision Team (VT) is a committee of the nonprofit corporation Siuslaw Vision. VT members use their knowledge and enthusiasm to enhance opportunities for all people living in our community. 

VT members secure financial support for Siuslaw Vision. They support community activities and leaders that share the organization’s mission of building a better community together. VT members make connections; convene organizations and people within the Siuslaw region; research, locate, and coordinate resources; promote the Vision; and foster community ownership.

The Vision Team’s decisions are driven by community input. VT members are inclusive, curious, and open to learning.

Visit the About Us section for details on Siuslaw Vision and the Vision’s focus areas. We don’t expect that all Vision Team members are experts in all areas, but we do expect everyone to support initiatives from all of the areas.


Vision Team members live or work in the Siuslaw Region, sometimes known as Western Lane County. This area encompasses Dunes City, Florence, Mapleton, Swisshome and Deadwood, the combined Mapleton and Siuslaw School District boundaries.

Key Responsibilities

  • Attend monthly VT meetings and monthly subcommittee meetings regularly*
  • Attend quarterly coffee/breakfast events regularly
  • Participate in work sessions and events with The Ford Family Foundation/Ford Rural Community Building Department
  • Conduct community outreach and networking within other community groups they volunteer or work with
  • Track personal volunteer hours
  • Support local energy and partnerships around projects that implement the Vision
  • Recruit Vision Team volunteers, make recommendations for new members to be appointed by the Board, mentor peers
  • Work together to ensure Siuslaw Vision stays focused on its mission
  • Market and promote Vision Team and Vision Partner activities
  • Contribute to decisions on the allocation of Siuslaw Vision operating funds
  • Develop draft budgets for approval by the Siuslaw Vision Board
  • Review organization financial information as it relates to VT work
  • Organize fundraising efforts with administrative support by Vision staff
  • Plan events and celebrations
  • Plan and facilitate monthly Team meetings with staff and other VT members as a co-convener

*Siuslaw Vision offers a remote option for Team meetings.

Length of Appointment

We recommend that you attend 2-3 Vision Team meetings to get an idea of how the VT functions and if it seems like a good fit for you. If you decide you’d like to join, please fill out the interest form and the Vision Team will be in touch about membership. VT members generally serve for a year at a time. We believe everyone has a contribution to make, even if it’s for a short time, so we’re happy to work with you to make sure the Vision Team fits with the time you have. There are also other volunteer opportunities.

Time Commitment

A minimum of six hours per month for meetings and preparation. Special events and projects require additional time. 


Knowledge of the Siuslaw region (or a strong desire to learn). A commitment to team-based problem-solving. A desire to improve quality of life for Siuslaw residents. You don’t need to be an expert – we’re all learning together! Basic computer knowledge is helpful, as we often collaborate on shared documents and use online meeting software. We can recommend learning resources if needed.


In addition to our volunteer Vision Team members, there are two paid staff members who offer technical and administrative support. 

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