Who We Are: The People

Who We Are: The People Who Help Make It Happen

Siuslaw Vision Team members and staff gather in front of the Siuslaw Public Library, wearing masks and spaced out
Physically-distanced Vision Team, 2021

Working with the many community groups and individuals who are doing projects to help the community achieve the Siuslaw Vision is the role of a volunteer steering committee known as the Vision Team. The Siuslaw Vision Board of Directors sets policy and provides financial oversight for the nonprofit organization. Grant-funded coordinators provide support for Vision initiatives and for the many residents involved in Vision projects. RiverCal and this website are two examples of the many community-connecting projects that have grown out of this visioning work. Siuslaw Vision also works with local and regional independent contractors who help with specific projects or initiatives.

Want to know more? Members of the Vision Team are happy to give presentations about the Siuslaw Vision. We are also happy to have informal conversations with individuals and small groups. Please contact us at vision@siuslawvision.org

Interested in joining the Vision Team? Learn more here.

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