Who We Are

Siuslaw Vision’s Mission and Purpose

Building a better Siuslaw community together

Siuslaw Vision convenes, catalyzes, and connects individuals and organizations who want to improve quality of life for people living in the Siuslaw region. We help people implement locally-owned solutions that address community-identified goals.

Our Vision

Ensure all people in the Siuslaw region have opportunities to be connected, happy, active, educated, working, and creative.

The Siuslaw Vision priorities and document were developed from 2014-2017 through a community-led process. Read more about the history and development of the Vision.

map of Siuslaw region

Siuslaw Vision is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization supporting our region’s community-led Vision. 

In all things we will:

Be profoundly inclusive.
We follow the cultural lead of being open to any and all possibilities of growth, from any and all walks of life.

Be flexible & follow the energy of the community.
We listen and support community members and their ideas.

Celebrate & show hospitality.
We love to feed community members while we celebrate their successes!

What We Do

Stewards of the community vision
We are here for the long haul, to support the shared Vision of the people in Siuslaw.

Connect, convene, catalyze, celebrate
We invest in local people. We support their efforts by connecting them with resources needed to accomplish their dream, convening people to further the work, and catalyzing change by providing an administrative or financial boost. Then we celebrate them and their success!

Gather & share resource connections (community hub)
We develop durable and purposeful relationships and networks. Siuslaw Vision is where people turn when they don’t know how to move forward on a dream they want to accomplish.

Create opportunities for active participation in our community
We host an open door for people to enter and become more effective community builders. Siuslaw Vision is a “first step” into community networking.

Siuslaw Vision Core Programs

  • RiverCal Community Calendar
  • Siuslaw Community Resources Guide
  • Working team formation for specific topics
  • Project and general partnerships
  • Capacity building through training and workshops
  • Nonprofit and business support to promote success
    • Consulting
    • Referrals

What  We Believe

We believe Siuslaw residents have solutions to the challenges they face.
Local people know what they want and need to make life better in Siuslaw. They are the experts.

We believe Siuslaw Vision belongs to the community & all community members have a role to play
The Vision came from local people identifying the future they want to see. Each person has the ability to make life better in Siuslaw.

We believe working together helps us do more than any one individual or organization can do alone. 
Siuslaw Vision = building a better community together. 

We believe in the power of connection & relationship-building. 
Networking within the community is key. Listening and talking to each other is how we form effective partnerships and accomplish shared goals.

The Approach We Take

We follow the community’s lead.
We adapt to the community’s energy, move at the community’s pace, and make time to celebrate success.

We are welcoming.
We invite everyone to the Siuslaw Vision table. We engage as many people as possible in community visioning work and projects. We remove barriers to participation. 

We build & honor authentic relationships.
We are willing to be vulnerable. We listen to and respect each other.

The Difference We Want to Make

As a result of the Siuslaw Vision: 

People in the Siuslaw region are connected, happy, active, educated, working, & creative.
They are life-long learners. Arts and culture in the region build community and bring people together. A year-round economy provides living wage jobs for local people and families. The natural environment supports healthy lifestyles.

People in the Siuslaw region are community builders who work together to make good things happen.
Local people have the connections and services that give them the time they need to grow as individuals and groups. Siuslaw is a welcoming community. People create the change they want to see, and foster diverse, trusting, and productive relationships.

Siuslaw community members believe they can achieve their goals & know how to do it. 
People in the Siuslaw region have a can-do spirit. They know they can be the catalyst for change in their community. They recognize, know, and act on the power they have to shape the future. They develop a culture of hope and resilience, where no project seems impossible.

People in the Siuslaw region care for each other & feel a sense of belonging & investment in their community.
They work to identify strengths and move forward, together, to create a vibrant, energetic, and vital home. They share a love of regional heritage and history, and respect for the natural beauty and resources found in Siuslaw. 

Would you like to be involved with the Vision? Please contact us or email vision@siuslawvision.org.

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