Educated People: Lifelong Learners

Educated People:
Lifelong Learners

THE VISION: The Siuslaw region is a community of lifelong learners. From preschool through high school, community college to enrichment courses and workshops, education is valued and supported. Students feel confident they are prepared for further education and careers. They attend modern, safe schools with state-of–the- art technology that allows them to take specialized, advanced coursework. Multigenerational volunteers bring experience to classrooms, sharing expertise and mentoring youth. Partnerships between schools, nongovernmental organizations, volunteers, public agencies and the business community enhance education. Technical training is offered at both the high schools and the community college. Internship programs are strong and have business and community support. The visual and performing arts are part of each school day. Student-operated gardens provide fresh food for the schools while being a training ground for food-related careers. A vibrant Siuslaw Education Foundation supports fundraising and advocacy for the Mapleton and Siuslaw School Districts. The Siuslaw Public Library is a core hub in the region, promoting learning for all ages, literacy, cultural programming, and community space. A strong Lane Community College provides career readiness training, college degree access and lifelong learning opportunities.

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