Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. Why should I use RiverCal?
RiverCal is a resource for residents of the Siuslaw River region to share what we’re doing in our community with community members, potential volunteers, and visitors. Posting events and using RiverCal is free, and open to everyone! And it’s a one-stop planning tool for you to make sure your upcoming event doesn’t conflict with other community events. Our goal is to save you time by making RiverCal your one-stop-shop to find out what’s happening in our community.

2. Who is meant to use the Calendar?
Residents and visitors looking for local events and things to do. Organizations, schools, businesses and other groups reaching out to the community. Volunteers and would-be-volunteers. Everyone!

3. What types of events should I post to RiverCal?
Fundraisers, performances, meetings, concerts, festivals, fairs, business events, special one-time sales, open house events, screenings, gatherings, meetups, government events, etc.

4. What types of events are not allowed on RiverCal?
Due to space considerations, events like garage sales organized by an individual, birthday parties for an individual, etc., should not be posted to RiverCal.

5. Who maintains this website?
RiverCal is a project of Siuslaw Vision. The website and calendar are administered and maintained by Vision volunteers and staff. Want to know more? Click on Who We Are to learn more about the Siulsaw Vision project and people.

6. What if I have a question or problem that’s not on this list? 
With questions about how to view, enter and edit event information, contact us.

7. Why can’t I log in to the calendar?
Anyone with a user name and password can use RiverCal. You must register to use RiverCal the first time – it’s free!  Go to the Log-in/ Register page to create your user name and password. If your user name and password are not working, contact us.

8. How do I add an event to RiverCal?
Under the Calendar tab, click on Add Your Event. Visit the Calendar How-To for detailed instructions.

9. How do I edit an event that has already been posted?
Log in to RiverCal, click on My Events under the Calendar tab, select the event you want to Edit.

10. How do I cancel an event?
If an event is within two (2) weeks of its scheduled date, change the title of the event to CANCELED, and leave the event posted to RiverCal. This is to advise people who have already planned to attend, that the event has been canceled. If the event date is more than two weeks out, just delete the event. To change the event title or to delete an event, click on the Calendar tab, and My Events and select the event you want to edit or delete.

11. How do I delete an event?
You can delete an event under Calendar > My Events. Events are split into upcoming and past events. If you are deleting recurring events, you can delete all in the series by finding the earliest iteration of the event and clicking “Delete All.”

12. Why is my event listed more than once?
Delete any duplicate event postings (see FAQ #11). If your event has been listed on RiverCal by another group, or another person in your organization, there is no need to enter it again. Review the event information; if it’s not correct and you are the owner of the event, contact the listed Organizer of the event and update the information with them, or contact us.

13. How many categories can I use?
All that apply! We encourage you to use as many categories as are applicable to your event. The more clearly you identify what your event is about, the more easily your intended audience can find it.

14. How do I post a multi-day event?
See the Calendar How-To.

15. What are the benefits of using RiverCal?
Once your event is entered into RiverCal, calendar visitors can add your event to their own calendars, or subscribe to an RSS feed. With RiverCal, it’s easy to export events for emailing and sharing. RiverCal is your one-stop community calendar. You can enter an event once on RiverCal, then share it across calendars without having to re-enter!  RiverCal also easily accommodates recurring events.

16. What size should an attached event image be in RiverCal?
Any attached images will scale to a width of 220 pixels while preserving the aspect ratio in height. Uploaded images are limited to 10MB maximum, and can be in the JPG, PNG, or GIF format.

17. Where are my past events?
To view all of your events, including past ones, use the My Events page and click on the tabs at the top of the page.

18. How do I link to individual RiverCal events or send the event to other people?
You can share RiverCal event information via email, Facebook, Twitter, and other tools by using the Share This option at the bottom of the event detail page. Simply select the option you would like to use. You can also copy the event link to share.

19. Who can edit my RiverCal event?
Only the person who entered the event, with their user name and password, may edit or delete events. The RiverCal admin may also edit any events.

20. I co-sponsor a lot of events with another group. Who should be posting to RiverCal?
To avoid duplication and wasted effort, work within your groups to identify which person will enter which events.

21. What is Siuslaw Vision? Who created it?
The Siuslaw Vision is a ground-up, not top down, people-to-people commitment to better the places we call home! It was created by the residents of the Siuslaw region over a two-year period. Visit the About Us tab for details.

22. How do I get involved with the Siuslaw Vision?
Check out the How to Volunteer page. We’d love to have you join us!

23. Can I donate to Siuslaw Vision projects?
Of course! Please do! Contact us.

24. How do I request a Siuslaw Vision presentation for my group?
Contact us. We love to share this exciting Vision!

25. Can I export RiverCal events to Outlook?
Yes. Events on RiverCal can be exported to Google calendar or iCal. iCal uses the same file system as Outlook or Microsoft calendars. Click on the event to bring up the Event Detail page, then select the button to Export to Google or Export to iCal/ Outlook.

26. How can I help?
Use RiverCal to post your events and share it with your friends and organizations. More people using RiverCal will make it more valuable as a community resource. If you have a problem posting or viewing events on RiverCal, please let us know so we can address the issue with our tech support staff. Contact us.

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